Educational Rhythm App

  • Platform


  • Project Length

    7 Months

  • Release Date

    Sep 1st, 2019

  • Credit

    Project Lead - Aden Webb

    Client Liaison - Jack Brewer


"This team of 3 showed extraordinary skill, enthusiasm, organisation and professionalism. Each student understood their particular responsibilities and was able to deliver a high-quality product efficiently. They also reacted with vision and flexibility to changing situations, even at short notice. A very productive and invaluable process"

-Caroline Stephenson, Director of Rhythmic Learning

"This project has enabled a highly effective collaboration; not simply between Jack and his protocol partner (Mrs Stephenson) but with the management team within our school and all teaching staff"

"Jack is able to work to a deadline and has shown this following our multiple introductory sessions. Jack adapted the program appropriately following professional dialogue with the management team."

"Jack speaks confidently and exudes confidence in what he has created and why; explaining thoroughly the reasons why specifics of the program were in place yet what could be changed and adapted to meet the needs of the children."

"Jack clearly showed the communicative skills needed to engage with an audience"

"Jack should be highly praised for his superb work ethic, communication skills and ability, as well as his positive attitude towards this collaboration"

-Natasha Easton, Hyde Park Infant School