About Me

  • My name is Jack Griffiths, and I'm a final stage BSc Computing & Games Development student at The University of Plymouth. Through my degree, I have developed a very refined approach to game development. I am very much design oriented, focusing on creating coherant user experiences and immersive gameplay. This all stems from my early love of games that allow the player to be creative, so naturally, games like Minecraft and Zoo Tycoon 2 were a large part of my game 'career'. I took this further through my education with qualifications in Graphic Design, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, which allowed me become a very well-rounded developer.

    Throughout my various projects I have demonstrated comprehensive project management and development skills that ensured I met deadlines whilst completing work to an exemplary standard. At University I have had the opportunity to work as a team on group projects, including a live client project that was taken on further as freelance work. I have thoroughly enjoyed these team working experiences and have started a development team called Backyard Giant, within which I work as the Design Lead on our current project, HYPERTEC. My work is also featured on the University Website, and is regularly used for demonstration during Uni Open Days.

    Within the industry, I'm looking for design-based roles that allow me to advance my skills as a developer. I would be stronger in a level-design or QA style position, however, I have had experience working in a wide range of sectors such as programming and project management. If you want to get in contact, please don't hesitate to use the email below!

    Email : message@jackgriffiths.me